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Okay, everyone knows about your Penny-Arcade, your Ctrl-Alt-Del, and your VGcats. Their popularity, humor, product lines, clever art…uh… what else…self-absorption, self-created controversy, arguably infrequent updates, and non-humorous segues (whatever the applicable case may be) are of course the reason why these internet-traffic powerhouses are loved by groups just as large as those that loathe them. […]

Today’s post comes from the land of the boardgame; a place where such legends as Monopoly and Risk had to begin…the design phase. Nobody just wakes up in the morning and creates a board game and sells it to some company to make millions. It takes time, patience, testing, redesign, and careful study. But most […]

New Link – Cascade Games

August 26th, 2008

We have our first permalink (down there on the left) and I wanted to say a little bit about them since they fit so well into what we eventually want to do here. Cascade Games, LLC is a premier tournament host handling a number Trading Card Games throughout the western United States, they handle a […]

The World Ends With You

August 25th, 2008

The World Ends With You Publisher: Square-Enix System: Nintendo DS Genre: RPG I know I’m a little late on the draw here, but you know what, not every gamer has the chance to go out and buy every new game that comes out the day it releases, or much less has the time to play […]

Well folks, I’ve done just about all that is neccessary for this website to function properly and look/behave somewhat professionally. I will constantly be making changes as time goes on, I’m sure, but it’s time I got this ball rolling. My goal is to update three times a week. But I will be sure to […]

A strange beast, wordpress is. But also a powerful tool. We are coming down to the wire here with our “Crap to Fix” checklist, and it’s really down to only two major things now, besides cleaning up all the info pages and posting the content that I’ve got blueballed saved up for everyone who’s paying […]

Hello again everyone, it’s been three days since our last post and we are still working out the final details of the website. We estimate that at worst by the end of next week everything should be ready to go (forums may take longer though) and we will begin with regular posts; We have a […]

Hello, and welcome to the NEW! There is a lot we are trying to do right now, and in a very short amount of time. The site will be going through a lot of aesthetic changes while we fine tune the new format to coincide with the direction we would like to take this […]

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