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Mega Man 9 is awesome.

September 29th, 2008

Out of nowhere, Megaman 9 lands as a multi-platform downloadable in the style of the retro 8-bit eyecandy we all remember and love. I finally got to play this gem over the weekend, fortunately it was right before I would have otherwise decided to go out and shoot children or run over people with my […]

Jack Thompson (finally) disbarred

September 26th, 2008

Justice was served yesterday as the Florida Supreme Court told the infamous media clown Jack Thompson, “We’re sick of your shit.” Well known and barely-tolerated for his completely inappropriate courtroom behavior and illogical arguments against violence in video games, he is to be permanently disbarred as of October 25th and is also faced with a […]

We’ve all heard the urban legends, Final Fantasy 2 NES beta test cartridges, Earthbound Zero NTSC prototypes, fully translated but unreleased for whatever reasons (Nintendo didn’t want to make boatloads of cash? Who knows.) Every collector wants to play them, not just on an emulator, but on their actual NES, like the good old days. […]

This may be something that most people know about already, but as I sat in class last week listening to our professor who is over 100 miles away drone on at us through a low resolution television screen, a lot of people were curious as to how exactly I was playing Super Mario Bros. on […]

Rainwave – Web Radio for gamers

September 10th, 2008

Take these ingredients: Video game soundtracks. Online. Streaming. 24/7. Add a dash of clean and sharp interface, and a sprig of kickass; and you’ve got Rainwave. If you’re into Video game music, this place plays it all day long for free and has a beautifully simple web interface that allows you to vote on the […]

Late post for Monday–it’s been pretty brutal the past few days. Today’s post is about Poker, specifically Online poker. Online poker is becoming more and more popular and rightfully so, more and more websites appear to try and cash in on it. But it is sometimes difficult to seperate the good ones from the bad, […]

Fun webgame: Duels

September 4th, 2008

Just a quick post today, wanted to share a rather fun and interesting webgame that Fireball turned me on to. The game is called Duels, you can find it at The game is free to play (although you can pay for extra items and features) and is quite addictive. It was easy for me […]

Final Fantasy IV DS

September 1st, 2008

Final Fantasy IV DS Publisher: Square Enix System: Nintendo DS Genre: jRPG This past July, Final Fantasy IV saw it’s fourth North American release since the original came to us under the disguise of “Final Fantasy II” in 1991. This game has appeared on the Super NES, Playstation, Gameboy Advance, and now on the Nintendo […]

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