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I have gotten asked a couple times how I made The Molten Core and if I could/would share any of the code. If there was any code to actually share, I’d be happy to let go of a few of my secrets, but not so. Instead I will share something else, what I actually used. […]

Future G.U. Games Releases

November 22nd, 2008

Goodday everybody, I am glad the Molten Core game is getting such a great response (over 4000 hits a day now, totally unprecedented for me. Thanks!) and I hope everyone is enjoying it. Please don’t be shy about sharing the links with different blogs and forums. I wanted to ask everyone who’s played it if […]

Sorry for the late post, but I couldn’t release an unfinished product. But it’s finally done, perhaps buggy, my secret project that I’ve been hinting at for months is ready for all of you to enjoy! Our first G.U. Games release. Gamer’s University Games Proudly (finally) Presents… An April Fools joke you thought was dead… […]

Wrath of the Lich King drops TODAY! Hurray! I’m sure most people are either at work right now wishing they were playing it, or swearing at the outrageous server queues and overpopulation of the new starting zone. So for those of you who aren’t playing right now, I’m gonna drop a ton of links on […]

Late Monday Post

November 10th, 2008

Unrelated reminder: 3 Days until Wrath of the Lich King releases! Yay! Hello boys and girls. Sorry for the late update today, I have been sick since Saturday night with a severe cold. On the bright side, there will be an real post this week, just not now…but it is going to be a big […]

War. War never changes. It’s been several years since our last installment of a true fallout game. Fallout Tactics and Fallout Brotherhood of Steel were unsuccessful attempts to whet fans’ appetites while plans for a true sequel fell through. But finally, bethesda releases a true successor, both spritually and numerically. This game is, in every […]

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