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WOW Guild Leader Wins Oscar Really? Wait shouldn’t this title read World of Warcraft player loses job? Or World of Warcraft Player cannot get hired? I posted before in regards to the potential that MMO players have and what they can and will do, and this article found here proves it. Steve Preeg, I […]

Another short and sweet game for you this Monday. Don’t Shit Your Pants, labeled a “Survival Horror” Game, this instant classic pits you against a brutally short time limit during which you must type in your control commands, a la old text adventure games, to find yourself a bathroom before the… inevitable happens. (I decided […]

I don’t know how I missed this. There’s some new game coming that seems to be just about beating the everloving hell out of a smiling cartoon David Hasselhoff. I can’t imagine the reasoning behind this, or if it’s even an actual project, the article came from last October. The video is pretty interesting though. […]

Opinions about Final Fantasy VII have floated from “Best RPG ever made” to “Worst RPG ever made” and everywhere in between. Despite my personal opinions about the game itself, I can’t deny that Yoshinori Kitase wrote a compelling story full of genuine emotion and set the stage for something much larger than just a game. […]

Texas Hold’em, the now-wildly popular Poker variant doesn’t seem to be losing any momentum anytime soon. While many people play at home, many play at casinos for expensive stakes and for someone who is trying to learn and become better at the game, you are stuck with playing at home with everyone stuck at essentially […]

Thanks to the Philips CD-i, we will probably never see a true successor to the wildly popular side-scrolling Zelda game, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Being easily one of my top ten games of all time, this makes me sad every day. But, there is hope! A programmer after my own heart, named Konjak, […]

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