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The Linear RPG

March 30th, 2009

A quick post today boys and girls. We’re filing this one under “Games as Art”, the Linear RPG was created by =Girlflash as an interpretation of the bare-minimum that an RPG must be. “ok, made this in under 48 hours for the RPGDX 48 hour RPG making jam the theme was ‘LOFI’ which I interpreted […]

Forumwarz is a fun little browser-based role-playing game which amounts to basically one big satire of the internet at large. You get to play the role of one of several classes including Emo Kid, Troll, and/or Camwhore, and eventually find yourself stirring up trouble and ruining life for others on the web through forums and […]

Review: Retro Game Challenge

March 16th, 2009

Imagine being a kid again in the 80’s, the golden era of NES/Famicom videogames. I remember it like it was yesterday. If you weren’t born yet in the 80’s, let me help you out, this is how everything went down: First you were kidnapped by an an evil Japanese man who digitizes himself and crowns […]


March 10th, 2009

Much to my excitement (and chagrin) a mysterious stranger has programmed a Flash version of tetris with very tiny blocks and a very large playing field. This is the most absurd and magnificent thing I have seen on the interet in a while, and it just begs to be played. Do you have the patience […]

A while back I wrote about a wonderful site I used to enjoy during meaningless lecture classes called Nintendo8. This site had an extremely healthy collection of NES games that you could play for free within your brower (using Java). Well, last week I was a bit bored, and I started poking around their site […]

Normally, I wouldn’t post things like this. But in my opinion, Upper Deck Entertainment is a damn good company that publishes a lot of damn good products. I have played many of the games they offer and they are good. I have also played the Yu-Gi-Oh! Card game and as ‘meh’ as it is to […]

That’s right, a love-child. A robot love-child. Robokill (Titan Prime) is, well, a pretty cool game. You are a combat robot who is being sent to various space installations to fix problems and eliminate invaders. You explore and travel from screen-sized room to screen-sized room a la Smash T.V., destroying all enemies that appear. You […]

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