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This year, I wanted to cover Blizzcon 2009 for our readers as our first convention covered as a gaming news site. A few weeks ago, I wrote Blizzard regarding the issue of press passes because of the massive hassle that buying tickets is; for those who don’t know, Blizzard opens up a certain amount available […]

You know what…I take back the nice things I said yesterday about SquareEnix. You should read this. This same shit happened to the people making Bid For Power, the Dragonball Z Quake3 mod which had to be changed to remove all characters of the franchise. A pointless move that, guess what, pissed off the fanbase. […]

First of all, Happy Memorial Day, I hope everyone has been enjoying their day off (if you got one) But uh, did you know about this? What the hell? I completely missed this announcement, and if you remember one of my very first reviews you know that Final Fantasy IV is one of my favorite […]

After months of being harassed by friends and colleagues alike for desiring more than my terrible MotoQ smartphone, which was the first hardware version, which crashed constantly, and ran almost none of the awesome stuff I expected it to, I was hardpressed to find a device that satisfied my desires, but didn’t make me one […]

This is pretty sweet. I’ll be the first to admit, when I saw this the first time I thought to myself “Wow, it took MIT students to build a themed playhouse? Way to go guys. Reach for those lowest stars.” Then I read there was a toilet inside. Well done. There is also apparently a […]

Whether it’s college or high school, education is important to us at Gamer’s University (it’s in the name!) As I am graduating from NAU this year with my BSBA in Management, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate my fellow graduates, near and far, on a job well done. We wish you all luck […]

Every so often I’ll come across an indie game that holds my interest for an afternoon; but rarely will I ever see one that enthralls me. Some of you know this is old news, but there is a game that I recently had the pleasure of finally playing that is having the aforementioned effect on […]

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