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[Tube Tuesday] Zelda II Rap

January 26th, 2010

Good morning, I have been thinking lately about additional segments to add to G.U. and here is one of them. Youtube Tuesday may stick around, maybe not. I’m gonna try it out. Anyway the point is there’s so much stuff out there (and not necessarily on YouTube) to watch that’s just fun and interesting regarding […]

It equals this. Some folks at the FPSBANANA community have created a fantastic, whimsical, and beautiful payload map for Team Fortress 2 based on the arcade classic Donkey Kong. (Youtube video of it can be found here) Basically one team’s goal is to get Mario all the way to the top of the structure by […]

First-Person Tetris

January 22nd, 2010

No, you’re not drunk (or maybe you are). First-person tetris has arrived! And by first-person we mean from the perspective of the bricks themselves. Comes complete with original music tracks and a “night mode” which essentially plays the game against a black backdrop. If you think you’ve mastered Tetris, give this one a try, and […]

You read that right. If you act quickly, you can donate $20 to the rescue effort in Haiti and receive $1481.31 worth of downloadable RPG books from DrivethruRPG. This kind of deal is absolutely unheard of, and it comes with the added benefit of helping out the victims of the disastrous earthquake that befell our […]

Hey everybody. Sorry if you ran into any errors trying to get here earlier this morning apparently Dreamhost found themselves to be under an attack of some kind, and shut down their servers until they could assess the threat…or something. Anyway, I had the pleasure of playing two new games last week, and while I […]

Back to Work

January 12th, 2010

Yep, I went back to work on Monday and it sure is great. Back doing what I was doing when things weren’t absolutely insane is a nice comfort right now. Hopefully this new year will bring some new prosperity and companies will start hiring people again and commissioning work orders. In any case, I posted […]

Insane Gaming Cupcakes

January 7th, 2010

Dragonkitty found this today on the interwebs. See if you can name all 100 games represented by these cupcakes, some of them are very easy, others are extremely abstract (seriously, if you guess the “Risk” one right away, you win.) I got all but 14 of them. I had the most trouble with some the […]

Wait, what? Wired apparently declared Starcraft 2 “Vaporware” in their 2009 survey, stating that too many people demanded it be included in the list. Apparently their “overwhelming demand” is a special ed classroom. “Vaporware” means that there is doubt whether the game will actually *ever* be released (look it up.) I.E. the kind of thing […]

Happy New Year! Today I’m going to write a little about five 2009 releases that I got to play for a very short amount of time, not really enough for a full review but enough to give some (quick) first impressions about. Also it will help me feel like I made up for lost time. […]

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