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Everything on this guy’s channel is pretty funny, but this one got me going the best. It’s short and sweet (that’s what she said) Enjoy

What would you do if you won the lottery today? I know what I would do…I’d buy me a damn table. But not just any table, oh no…only the best table that my powerball money can buy, good sir. I’m talking about The Sultan, the most absurdly featured, beautifully handcrafted gaming table ever made. We’re […]

It seems like only weeks ago that we went to Blizzcon 2009, and now the next round is on the horizon. Hopefully we will be fortunate enough to cover the event this year as well! More on that as it develops. From the press release: BLIZZCON® 2010 ANNOUNCED Blizzard Entertainment’s fifth BlizzCon gaming celebration to […]

[Video] Real Life Portal Gun

March 24th, 2010

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction…with this short video. On the whole, I’ve seen way funnier things, but 0:43 caught me way off guard. I lol’d.

Diablo 2! Remember that game? The ladder was supposed to reset annually, and allegedly this one is 11 months late, but it’s happening. Tomorrow, all ladder characters will be moved to non-ladder and the ladder will be reset. This may not be interesting to a lot of you, but for someone like me who lost […]

Master Lock unveiled a new product recently that I am astounded isn’t being marketed as a “Gamer lock”. Instead they are calling it the “1500id Speed dial resettable combination lock”. Someone must be asleep on the job. Essentially instead of your standard combination dial, this lock has a knob that you slide in any of […]

CHAOS ISLE – Zombi Deck 1-6 Players ~20 mins per player Reviewed by Endymian – WWW.GAMERSUNIVERSITY.COM Chaos Isle is an expandable card game from a small independent game company called Realms Masters Game Forge, it is subtitled “Zombi Deck” (presumably due to future themes) and it set in an apocalyptic world where Dr. Zycheck’s mad […]

[VIDEO] Save the Murlocs

March 15th, 2010

For only 10 Copper a day, you can save the lives of a family of Murlocs. WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE MURLOCS A very clever advertising stunt from Jinx. Get the skinny at


March 8th, 2010

allergies wtf…I feel like hell…have some toast

As promised, I finally got my recording software working (kind of) and I made an experimental video of some of the new features in Starcraft 2 and the new respectively. This is my first youtube video, so hopefully everything works right…be gentle. Enjoy!

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