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I hope everybody had a great President’s Day holiday! If you’ve never been to MakeUseOf you should strongly consider checking it out. They have a lot of great how-to guides for plenty of things of the nerd persuasion. Once in a while, one of these things will be about gaming, and since this isn’t a […]

[Review] Dungeon Raid (iOS)

February 15th, 2011

Did somebody say match-3 puzzle game with experience points and magic spells? No? Nobody? Then I guess Dungeon Raid wouldn’t interest you. Dungeon Raid is a relatively new game for the iOS platform (that would be the iPhone, iPad and their ilk) that is exactly that, a match-three puzzler with a twist. Pull a line […]

Card Armies: Battle for Wesnoth 4/5 Stars David Bradshaw 2-6 Players Ages 12+ ~60 Minutes OVERVIEW From the sales page: “Card Armies: Battle For Wesnoth is a roleplaying/strategy game designed by David Bradshaw. You control an army in the fantasy world of Wesnoth, and must combine planning, tactics, and luck to emerge victorious over your […]

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