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Confused about how exactly the Legend of Zelda timeline goes down? Yeah, me too. Fortunately, the folks at GameTrailers put together an extremely entertaining retrospective a while back and I think it is still worth watching. If you haven’t caught it before, check it out. It has a robust timeline theory at the end, and […]

I’ve got a thing for deckbuilding games. I’m almost finished designing one of my own, and my next design will likely be a deckbuilding game as well. Ever since I played Dominion for the first time I was enamored with the brilliance and simplicity of the concept and reeled at the fact that it hadn’t […]

In the vein of things that I randomly see and get that deep inexplicable sense of “This is an awesome concept, games should be doing things like this more” I have stumbled across something else that is quite brilliant in its implementation and simplicity (and it also involves my current addiction du jour…Minecraft.) This is […]

[Review] Fighter-Tac

March 7th, 2011

I want to take moment to thank everyone for their patience last week while I was unable to post due to my wife “Dragonkitty” requiring surgery. Everything went just fine and she is recovering well. We should now be back on schedule, and today, I bring you a great game I just played, available on […]

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