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Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, Lately we are getting inundated with new gadgets (especially new Android Devices), anyone can see that it looks like Google and hardware manufacturers have been hungry to take over the majority market share that Apple has run away with. I have been a hardcore Apple geek. I had my Iphone 3, […]

I’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time. Ever since a friend introduced me to Emulators when I was in middle school, I dreamt of the day when someone would emulate all of the old LCD games and Nintendo Game & Watches that I used to love. I didn’t exactly understand then that […]

A recent update to Minecraft allows players to create new worlds using a seed, which is essentially a number or phrase or string of characters that acts as a variable in whatever algorithm(s) the game uses to generate its random worlds. The result is a system where players can reliably recreate the same world(s) again […]

Castlevania 3 beaten perfectly in 27 minutes. Or how about a Zelda 2 glitchfest, start to end in under 6 minutes? All this and more can be seen on video at the Tool Assisted Speedrun Videos site. What is a Tool-Assisted Speedrun, you may ask? Simply put… The movies on TASVideos are created with the […]

Happy April Fools

April 1st, 2011

No joke this year, everyone. Sorry to disappoint, but I couldn’t really think of anything that was “safe” from being potentially misconstrued amidst the legal issues I am working through at the moment (which is not a joke) and cause potential trouble. In the meantime, Google’s joke is pretty funny this year, and subtle too. […]

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