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Sometime back in 2009 I mentioned an amazing little card game called Dominion. Since then, the game now has FOUR expansions with a fifth on the way (not counting promo cards) and it has given us a new genre of board(card) game; the stand-alone deck-building game. The game has gained so much popularity, that you […]

Hi Everybody! Hope you enjoyed last week’s posts by my friend Darkled. He’ll be around from time to time adding some of his perspectives on games (and the occasional film). A few weeks ago I featured a new favorite segment of mine on the Escapist called Extra Credits. Today I want to feature a presentation […]

I would like to start a new series where I review some Steam games that I currently own or will acquire over time,  and to kick off this new series we will start by discussing Magicka. Magicka is a interesting game and pretty cheap, on Steam. I caught this game as an ad that flashed […]

Battle for L.A. is a pretty typical war movie with some Sci-Fi added in to make it fun. This movie is a strange mix of military combat movie mixed with an alien invasion of Earth. I wont try and spoil any of the movies secrets here in this review, but even if I did I […]

Over the last few months of 2011 and even some of 2010, I have been playing Minecraft and recently have picked up Terraria from Steam. If your not aware of what Minecraft or Terraria are you can check out the games by following the hyperlinks.  This article is about why these type of games have […]

If you’re looking to enroll in a Gamer’s University, stop by Gambling City to enroll in a strategy class that will have you dominating any casino online. Summer is coming! And for some people that means trips to Vegas or Atlantic City. For others, it means maybe an afternoon excursion to the reservation casino. But […]

Regardless of how you feel about the monetary situation that plagues the education system (take that as you wish), what we’re talking about today is the process in which educators educate. Child psychologists have been saying for years that positive reinforcement works a lot better than negative reinforcement…and that making learning fun really is an […]

No, we weren’t hacked.

May 7th, 2011

G’day folks. Hope everyone is enjoying the Mother’s Day weekend (be sure to thank Mom for that Nintendo she got you when you were six). Anyway, I wanted to assure everyone that we weren’t hacked the other day. Vax is new on board and he’s going to help generate some more content for us since […]

Are you in need of  being telling your female companion that you are more man than are?  We are having solution for you!  We are happy to be offering new product for your interest in making woman pleasure.  Solution called “Vax is your god now!” That’s right ladies and gentlemen, for the low, low price […]

My son Ethan’s first birthday is approaching very soon here in July, and if course we wanted to make it special. The first obvious choice that came to mind was something I wanted very much when I was a kid…a Super Mario Bros. party. In the late 80’s/early 90’s there was a healthy smattering of […]

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