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Anyone who follows this site knows well of my advocacy for The Game Crafter, and they’ve gotten a facelift! No longer in beta, TGC has relaunched their site with a brand new look and many new features on the way. Not the least of which is apparently a new shipping method for games, they come […]

This has been featured elsewhere, but seriously… Final Fantasy stop-motion movies with action figures fighting to the death? How could you not love this? Oh… And also, there are other movies by this guy. Enjoy!


July 14th, 2011

Are you a game designer and just don’t have a knack for the whole “art” thing and can’t pay an artist to create some for you? Yeah, me too. But that’s OK! Read on… I stumbled across this amazing resource the other day while doing some preliminary research for a new card game I hope […]

It’s a valid question. Especially in today’s economy where the secondary market for games and game-related objects can mean the difference between paying rent or…whatever. Resale has always been an important part of gaming, and since the advent of the internet, real values for things have been easier to find. After all, an item is […]

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