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One would think that comic books and video games tend to blend into each other.  While it may often happen, it doesn’t always happen well.  However, there are many video games that made the transition from the funny books to the gaming systems, and we have listed just a few below. 1. Batman: Arkham City […]

Short post today, but if anyone is interested in beta testing the upcoming Star Wars The Old Republic MMORPG, you can get your very own beta key, easy as pie! I got one within a couple of hours, so it’s tested and legit, and it looks like they have about 10,000 of them left. I’ve […]

Who doesn’t love a good game of Super Mario, am I right? Well, that’s basically what this is. A poorly disguised clone of the legendary plumber himself. But don’t let that fool you, Secret Maryo Chronicles is a quite ambitious and very awesome project. It is free, open-source, and has an entire community of contributors […]

THIS IS AMAZING. We have subways like this in America, except instead of incredible tile art on the walls, it’s urine. Wait, I guess that isn’t similar at all, is it? For more photos of this magical place, check out this article here.

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