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Hope everyone had a great Christmas, or Festivus, or whatever you chose to celebrate. It’s been long enough, and the suspense I’m sure has been unbearable (because my opinion matters to everyone. Right? Guys? Anyone?) So here it is, the thrilling conclusion to the top (bottom?) ten most OVERRATED SNES games ever (according to me, […]

G’day folks. Everybody likes to make toplists nowadays. What’s worse is that they’re usually just talking about the top ten whatever, or best ten, or most UNDERrated whatever. I say screw that. Today I want to try going in a different direction…the road less traveled, if you will. Today I want to share what I […]

Very few of the Nintendo franchises have had the long standing dedication from fans and gamers the way Mario Kart has. From the Super Nintendo days, the kart racing game has long been a popular option from both the most dedicated gamers, as well as casual players. Ahead of its December 4 release date in […]

A few months ago, my friend and local gamestore owner handed me a demo pack of a game he received called Iconica. Knowing I was a game designer, he wanted to know what I thought, because the designer of Iconica lives in the same city as I. I read through the rules and examined the […]

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