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 As most of you already know, I’m having something of an affair with deck building games at the moment…and have been for the past couple of years. Penny Arcade The Game – Gamers vs Evil takes the best aspects of Dominion and Ascension and creates something light-hearted, and ridiculously easy to play. You have a pool […]

I mostly keep quiet when matters become political, but something is happening tomorrow that I think everyone should be aware of and understand fully. Tomorrow, major hubs of internet information and traffic will shut down temporarily to demonstrate what is likely to occur if the currently proposed United States bills, namely Stop Online Piracy Act […]

Every time I wind up shopping at GameStop for whatever reason, I typically end up vowing never to return. Then someone will get me a giftcard or something for my Birthday, and I’ll wander back in to see what I can get without giving them any more of my money. I’ve felt this way for […]

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