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First, I would like you to watch something: Next, I would like to call your attention to the fact that this is an actual, playable game. Click here for┬áMari0 That is all. You’re welcome.

Take one part 80’s era NES, one part MMORPG, one part Flash, put it in a blender with a brick of crack, and you get Realm of the Mad God. RotMG is a web-based free to play MMORPG that I can best liken to a graphical MUD. It has all the essential components that make […]

If you know who Egoraptor is, chances are you know him from Newgrounds and his “awesome” series of cartoons parodying games like Metal Gear Solid. Some people love him for said cartoons, others think he’s a genius. Regardless of your perception of the AWESOME cartoons, Egoraptor is apparently a very intelligent person, as demonstrated in […]

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