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Remember when most games consisted of only single screens for each level? Before scrolling to the right even became possible, much less (gasp) scrolling back to the left? A Super Mario Summary is something like that. This game is the entirety of the first Super Mario Bros., but each level is summarized, or “distilled” if […]

I had no idea this was a thing at all until Dragonkitty found out about it on Groupon (which is a great site, by the way. As long as you don’t need their customer service; which is terrible.) Anyway, we had the pleasure of attending the symphony last night at the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, […]

Does everyone remember how amazing the Super Mario Crossover was? Well it’s back. It’s improved. And it’s ready to slap you in the face and call you Nancy (or something equally offensive or cliche.) It’s bloody genius. This time we’ve got 10 Nintendo characters, most of them with a counterpart of some kind playing through Mario’s […]

So, first of all. I’d like to point out that Mozilla, the makers of Firefox, made a game (!!). And secondly, I’d like to add that it’s pretty awesome. I would liken this game to something of a simplified MMO Zelda clone, benefits including no downloading required, and you can play it on any mobile […]

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