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About G.U.

About Gamer’s University
Written by Endymian last revised on 8-24-2009

Gamer’s University started in early 2006 when my wife and partner Dragonkitty got the idea to put to better use all the time she and I spent helping people around, and asking for help, in the game World of Warcraft. Our original vision was one where people could go to a one-stop-shop website, share information, discuss strategies, and offer various levels of in-game assistance (for a fee if they desired). After this idea sparked, we got to talking about the different directions we could go with it, and hastily registered a few tradenames in the state of Arizona, one of which being MMO University–which is what we almost called ourselves, but eventually settled on Gamer’s University as not to confine ourselves into the boundaries of MMORPGs, because I especially have a deep intrigue and fondness for virtually every form of game.

Well, we had the tradename registered, so we were legally protected right? “So now what?” we thought, wondering how to get things ‘off the ground’. Shortly thereafter I decided to go to a release day tournament for the World of Warcraft trading card game, which was quite fun. While there I met an individual who was very experienced in tournament TCG play and had allegedly won himself some very prestigious awards playing card games in the past. We discussed the concepts and ideas we had, and before long we were asking him to be a member of our team. He excitedly accepted, and had a great deal of ideas of his own to contribute to the now three-person organization.

It wasn’t long before our original vision had been completely put on the back-burner. Our new partner’s ideas and philosophies had lead us to collectively decide that we wanted to become an elite organization of gamers, who would publish strategies and exploits in the form of downloadable video guides while hosting tournaments of our own and attending others with the intent of decimating the competition.

Well, hindsight is 20/20. “L337 Gamerz” we were not, and the resources required to develop and maintain a sustainable flow of Video Strategy Guides for console games and MMO games alike was ridiculously impractical for us at the time. We even reserved a booth at a convention, days before which the person we invited to our team at that World of Warcraft TCG tournament had left us, and everyone else besides myself, Dragonkitty, and a good friend of mine, Fireball; up and bailed on us–either by being upfront and apologetic about it, or by merely ceasing to answer phone calls. To put things in perspective, I am a Business student, about to graduate with a BSBA–going from 7 team members down to 3 two days before a convention is a scary thing; it teaches you a hell of a lot about trust, and how a business should be run.

After that disaster, we held a handful of video game tournaments, Guitar Hero II, Super Smash Bros., even an Oldschool NES competition. They were very successful as far as popularity and smooth public events went, but at the end of the year I was still several thousand dollars in debt from the ‘investments’ I had made in the words and promises of other people, and I had virtually nothing to show for it.

Another year went by, not hearing a word from any of my former team members. I left the website to stagnate with the excuse that I was focusing on work and school to pay off the massive, embarrassing debt that I was in. I got some emails from people wanting tournaments hosted outside of Arizona, but nothing panned out. I progressively found myself wanting to write reviews and opinions and such in some kind of Gaming Blog, all the while having Dragonkitty prodding me to do something with our business and web space. We eventually decided that by writing a semi-daily blog, we may yet be able to achieve our original vision when we had enough readers. So, the “New and Improved!” Gamer’s University was born.

So, here’s my manifesto: I’ve learned a lot in my lifetime about Gaming, probably more than is healthy for the average individual. I love to play board games, poker, mmorpgs, tabletop rpgs, card games, video games, and way more than I have the ability to mention. I know there are others like me, and others that at least like one of the things that I do. This site is for them. I want to share what I know, what I want to know, what I’ve learned, how I learned it, what I’ve seen, what I’ve experienced, and what I’ve found. I’m not going to pretend I’m any better than you, I’m not going to sugarcoat anything I have to say, and I’m certainly not going to act like I’m some gaming-elite pretentious jerk with my own product line and start spelling my name with numbers or some crap like that. I am average Joe Gamer, I am about having fun, and I intend to be as honest as I can about that, because average Joe Gamer is who I best relate to, and I believe average Joe Gamer is who most other gamers best relate to as well. I want to share my opinions, personal reviews, things I think are interesting, et cetera; and it’s all coming through to you 100% pure–because nobody is any more or less entitled to my opinion than I am to yours and if there’s something you have to say or want to share, I want to hear about it because others probably do too. We call this Gamer’s University because we are all constantly learning more and more about gaming, and even those self-proclaimed experts are still students just as much as they are teachers.

So, enjoy the ride. If you have something you would like posted, just ask me. Better yet, write comments by registering with wordpress right HERE, share with the class and help the community grow. I would love nothing more than to see this community thrive and see other people posting fun and interesting things to the blog and forums along with me. Post your ideas, your questions, your requests, your tournaments, your favorite gaming spots, things about games you are involved in creating, whatever you like–as long as it has something to do with gaming; because that’s why we’re here.

Welcome to Gamer’s University.

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