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Obscure Video Games is a tumblog, but I think it could be better described as a cache of buried treasure. It is an amazing and ongoing collection of images, descriptive blurbs, and animated gifs of videogames and videogame-related stuff that is so off-the-wall and weird that really there isn’t much wonder why they were so […]

It may not have a fancy-looking site, but the International Arcade Museum is an amazing place on the internet. They have a growing database of arcade games, pinball machines, slots, music machines, vending machines and more. Gimmick machines and novelty devices from the past galore, most pages with photos. IAM also offers auction listings for […]

Just look at this Pinball Machine!

September 15th, 2011

This is the kind of hard reporting I live for. The family and I finally went to try this Popo’s Mexican Food place in Phoenix (which was awesome by the way. 99cent Margaritas on Tuesdays, yes please.) and what do I see in the waiting area? A Pinball machine. Not uncommon for restaurants like this, […]

Hoo boy, I never thought I would see the day something like this existed and a shame it seems to be so little-known as well. This is MagiQuest: MagiQuest is an interactive live-action, role playing game where players embark on quests and adventures in an enchanted fantasy world using real magic wands to solve the […]

When I was a little kid, everything in the arcade was fascinating, the lights and sounds were everywhere. The videogames were great, and of course grew on me quite famously, but there was always something special about mechanical games; real moving parts, physical mechanisms, a tangible reality to what you were playing. Skeeball and to […]

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