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[Geek Pr0n] Musical Floppy Drives

February 24th, 2015

I didn’t make this, but I sure was impressed. (Special place in my heart due to I.T. being my day job) Enjoy 🙂  

[Review] Shovel Knight

August 25th, 2014

This game. This freaking game… Shovel Knight is amazing. This game is what you get when you combine: The fantastic music and boss design of Mega Man The platforming challenge of Ninja Gaiden The artifact collection and combat of Zelda 2 The overworld features and map encounters of Super Mario Bros. 3 And the treasure-seeking […]

I have a confession to make: When I was very young, two of the earliest video game sequels I was ever exposed to were Super Mario Bros. 2 and Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. Due to this, for a long while I thought that it was common practice, or even a rule, that game […]

Is the Wii U really a failure?

January 23rd, 2014

So apparently this happened: Nintendo declared that the Wii U has “flopped”.   This, really disappointed me. Especially from them. The problem is not with the Wii U as a platform. The problem Nintendo is having right now is the same top reason why I haven’t had any interest in getting a PS4 or Xboxone […]

Obscure Video Games is a tumblog, but I think it could be better described as a cache of buried treasure. It is an amazing and ongoing collection of images, descriptive blurbs, and animated gifs of videogames and videogame-related stuff that is so off-the-wall and weird that really there isn’t much wonder why they were so […]

First be amazed: Then, be amazed some more: Super Mario Clone World (Forum Post) The point where technology meets tenacity is always an incredible place to be. This is the kind of stuff I love seeing.

Does everyone remember how amazing the Super Mario Crossover was? Well it’s back. It’s improved. And it’s ready to slap you in the face and call you Nancy (or something equally offensive or cliche.) It’s bloody genius. This time we’ve got 10 Nintendo characters, most of them with a counterpart of some kind playing through Mario’s […]

If you know who Egoraptor is, chances are you know him from Newgrounds and his “awesome” series of cartoons parodying games like Metal Gear Solid. Some people love him for said cartoons, others think he’s a genius. Regardless of your perception of the AWESOME cartoons, Egoraptor is apparently a very intelligent person, as demonstrated in […]

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, or Festivus, or whatever you chose to celebrate. It’s been long enough, and the suspense I’m sure has been unbearable (because my opinion matters to everyone. Right? Guys? Anyone?) So here it is, the thrilling conclusion to the top (bottom?) ten most OVERRATED SNES games ever (according to me, […]

G’day folks. Everybody likes to make toplists nowadays. What’s worse is that they’re usually just talking about the top ten whatever, or best ten, or most UNDERrated whatever. I say screw that. Today I want to try going in a different direction…the road less traveled, if you will. Today I want to share what I […]

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