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Magic Meeple Games and Gamelyn Games have partnered to co-publish their highly-anticipated project, Darkrock Ventures, which has launched on KickStarter earlier¬†today. The campaign will run for 28 days in hopes of reaching their funding and stretch goals to improve this already well-received and highly-thematic euro-style board game. Magic Meeple Games and Gamelyn Games have partnered […]

Hello everyone, it has been far too long since I have been able to update reliably and for that reason I think it would be best if I officially declared this blog on hiatus for the time being. Once again my world has been turned upside down, my previous day job is no more and […]

Hello everyone! It’s been too long since my last post so I wanted to share with everyone what I’ve been up to most recently. In addition to my game design projects, I am currently working with Gamelyn Games on a new game that will feature¬†Mecha combat. So stay tuned for that. But also (and the […]

News post! For reals!

August 5th, 2014

Hello everyone! I have been swamped with projects right now (none of which seem close to completion but I just have to keep moving forward) but I did want to announce that Magnum Opus has shipped! Thank you again for your support, everyone. If you missed out, copies can be ordered directly from Game Salute […]

Is the Wii U really a failure?

January 23rd, 2014

So apparently this happened: Nintendo declared that the Wii U has “flopped”.   This, really disappointed me. Especially from them. The problem is not with the Wii U as a platform. The problem Nintendo is having right now is the same top reason why I haven’t had any interest in getting a PS4 or Xboxone […]

At GenCon I had the pleasure of finally meeting the awesome folks at The Game Crafter in person and they asked me to do an interview with them! So here it is! Thanks, TGC!

I mostly keep quiet when matters become political, but something is happening tomorrow that I think everyone should be aware of and understand fully. Tomorrow, major hubs of internet information and traffic will shut down temporarily to demonstrate what is likely to occur if the currently proposed United States bills, namely Stop Online Piracy Act […]

Well… If you haven’t heard yet, Blizzard has made some “decisions” about their upcoming blockbuster game, Diablo III. Which is obviously going to leave the industry forever changed and players irrevocably anointed with the power of the rainbow. People have been griping about this game since the day it was announced. Griping isn’t quite a […]

All the people who said it would never happen can now form a line behind me to kiss my… …Oh, hello. Well, it finally happened. The most legendary case of vaporware in the history of gaming has at last coalesced. After nearly fourteen years, Duke has arrived. If you haven’t gotten your hands on it […]

Mind you, I haven’t actually gotten my hands on any of this yet, but I wanted to talk about what Nintendo announced today; their highly anticipated new console. …And they’re calling it the WiiU (Weeoo?) Anyway, it’s quite interesting. It looks like they’re blending technologies between the Wii and the Nintendo DS, as the controller […]

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