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 Trying something different today, this might be old news for some of you but I’ve discovered that there are an awful lot of people who don’t know about this story/game/thing and I want to help fix that because I had a great time with it. If you were in elementary or middle school during the […]

[Review] Wasteland 2

January 14th, 2015

Did you enjoy Fallout 1 & 2? Was Fallout: Tactics lacking something essential that really just didn’t make it pleasant or fun? Let me introduce you to a friend of mine: Wasteland 2. Way back in 1988, the game Wasteland was released. It was a bit before my time, and in my opinion it hasn’t aged […]

Very recently, Blizzard dropped two big bombs on the Diablo 3 community and there’s a lot of noise about it. They are, respectively, the closure of the Auction House (both in-game gold and real money) and the announcement of the first expansion (with more to come hopefully), Reaper of Souls. These announcements have been awarded […]

[Review] Rogue Legacy

September 30th, 2013

Rogue Legacy. Rogue freaking legacy. So, let me break this down, a 2D sidescrolling platformer roguelike action RPG with randomly-generated metroidvania castles and long-term upgrade progression of your skills, equipment, and character classes– of which you get to choose a new one each time you die. It’s a mouthful, and it’s amazing. I finally finished […]

So…Blizzard has been busy lately (they always are) but three major things have happened since I last mentioned them: 1) An expansion to Diablo 3 has finally been announced (thank goodness.) 2) The World of Warcraft TCG (formerly produced by Upper Deck, then by Cryptozoic) has been discontinued. and 3) Blizzard has debuted their own […]

Greetings fellow gamers! I want to weigh in on two games that have been long overdue for a review, and I want to review them together because they share a similar theme, so let’s get right into it: EVOLAND Evoland began as an entry for LudumDare #24, and won. You can still play the original […]

Well, it happened. I fell off the wagon, thanks to my wife and her coworkers dragging me back kicking and screaming I’m back on World of Warcraft. The last time I played was in 2010 before we had our son Ethan. He’s almost 3 now and for some reason we thought it would be a […]

I’ll be the first to tell you that Excel (well, spreadsheets in general. shoutout.) is one heck of a powerful tool. I use it all the time to help organize my thoughts and run calculations and simple simulations in my boardgame design endeavors. But this…this blows my mind. Via Boingboing: Cary Walkin, an accountant […]

 StarCraft II, the Heart of the Swarm Expansion set was announced some time ago, but now finally has a concrete release date of March 12, 2013. Which is all fine and dandy because I am looking forward to this game very much and I will definitely play it… But will I buy the Collector’s edition […]

[Review] Borderlands 2

October 16th, 2012

 Long-time readers will know that I have spoken well of Borderlands the first. Twice, in fact. And looking back, it makes me wonder why I hesitated to try the sequel. In hindsight, after I wrote those review and kept playing Borderlands 1, and kept playing it like crazy, I discovered some of the weaker points […]

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