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Changes… Okay so I’ve signed on with a new advertiser that seems to be pretty slick, it’s called Project Wonderful, they manage ads for me and automatically accept bids for real-time ad placement. (awesome!) I’ve just set it up, and I’ve got some of that ad space available if anyone wants to snap some up […]

I just realized today, and this month marked the first anniversary of the new site redesign and the opening of the blog. Wow, time flies. My thanks go out to all the readers new and old that have stuck with us, and special thanks to anyone who still remembers what the old site looked like, […]

This year, I wanted to cover Blizzcon 2009 for our readers as our first convention covered as a gaming news site. A few weeks ago, I wrote Blizzard regarding the issue of press passes because of the massive hassle that buying tickets is; for those who don’t know, Blizzard opens up a certain amount available […]

I don’t know how I missed this. There’s some new game coming that seems to be just about beating the everloving hell out of a smiling cartoon David Hasselhoff. I can’t imagine the reasoning behind this, or if it’s even an actual project, the article came from last October. The video is pretty interesting though. […]

Future G.U. Games Releases

November 22nd, 2008

Goodday everybody, I am glad the Molten Core game is getting such a great response (over 4000 hits a day now, totally unprecedented for me. Thanks!) and I hope everyone is enjoying it. Please don’t be shy about sharing the links with different blogs and forums. I wanted to ask everyone who’s played it if […]

Sorry for the late post, but I couldn’t release an unfinished product. But it’s finally done, perhaps buggy, my secret project that I’ve been hinting at for months is ready for all of you to enjoy! Our first G.U. Games release. Gamer’s University Games Proudly (finally) Presents… An April Fools joke you thought was dead… […]

Late Monday Post

November 10th, 2008

Unrelated reminder: 3 Days until Wrath of the Lich King releases! Yay! Hello boys and girls. Sorry for the late update today, I have been sick since Saturday night with a severe cold. On the bright side, there will be an real post this week, just not now…but it is going to be a big […]

Well folks, I’ve done just about all that is neccessary for this website to function properly and look/behave somewhat professionally. I will constantly be making changes as time goes on, I’m sure, but it’s time I got this ball rolling. My goal is to update three times a week. But I will be sure to […]

A strange beast, wordpress is. But also a powerful tool. We are coming down to the wire here with our “Crap to Fix” checklist, and it’s really down to only two major things now, besides cleaning up all the info pages and posting the content that I’ve got blueballed saved up for everyone who’s paying […]

Hello again everyone, it’s been three days since our last post and we are still working out the final details of the website. We estimate that at worst by the end of next week everything should be ready to go (forums may take longer though) and we will begin with regular posts; We have a […]

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