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Magic Meeple Games and Gamelyn Games have partnered to co-publish their highly-anticipated project, Darkrock Ventures, which has launched on KickStarter earlier today. The campaign will run for 28 days in hopes of reaching their funding and stretch goals to improve this already well-received and highly-thematic euro-style board game. Magic Meeple Games and Gamelyn Games have partnered […]

The recently-shipped Kickstarter-success Castle Dice arrived on my doorstep not long ago, and I have been able to crack it open and play a couple of times so far and I wanted to review it as my primary fandom is of board games, so here goes! Castle Dice introduces a new kind of concept I […]

Card Armies: Battle for Wesnoth 4/5 Stars David Bradshaw 2-6 Players Ages 12+ ~60 Minutes OVERVIEW From the sales page: “Card Armies: Battle For Wesnoth is a roleplaying/strategy game designed by David Bradshaw. You control an army in the fantasy world of Wesnoth, and must combine planning, tactics, and luck to emerge victorious over your […]

Good morning everyone, please say hello to my good friend Professor Farkling. He’ll be taking the reins for me on this lovely Monday morning while I am engaged with other pressing matters. I hope to be back with some free time to update some more later this week, but until then, please enjoy! (and now […]

Hamlet! A game in five acts Interactivities Ink – Mike Young 3-8 Players Ages 12+ 45+ Minutes Overview Imagine for a moment if William Shakespeare never existed, and during what would have been his time, most things were written as they are today, by a team of disagreeable writers working against each other as much […]

What would you do if you won the lottery today? I know what I would do…I’d buy me a damn table. But not just any table, oh no…only the best table that my powerball money can buy, good sir. I’m talking about The Sultan, the most absurdly featured, beautifully handcrafted gaming table ever made. We’re […]

You read that right. If you act quickly, you can donate $20 to the rescue effort in Haiti and receive $1481.31 worth of downloadable RPG books from DrivethruRPG. This kind of deal is absolutely unheard of, and it comes with the added benefit of helping out the victims of the disastrous earthquake that befell our […]

Hey everybody. Sorry if you ran into any errors trying to get here earlier this morning apparently Dreamhost found themselves to be under an attack of some kind, and shut down their servers until they could assess the threat…or something. Anyway, I had the pleasure of playing two new games last week, and while I […]

Soaps is an extremely creative game. The premise of the game is that each player is the writer, director, and producer of their very own soap opera and each needs to try to keep their show the most interesting one on television to earn the best ratings (points) per week. The game ends with a […]

Some of you might be wondering about the publisher through which all of the recently released line of Gamer’s University Games is produced, I thought I’d share a little about it today for my fellow designers out there. Business 101, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. That is not the […]

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