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[Geek Pr0n] Musical Floppy Drives

February 24th, 2015

I didn’t make this, but I sure was impressed. (Special place in my heart due to I.T. being my day job) Enjoy ­čÖé  

So…Blizzard has been busy lately (they always are) but three major things have happened since I last mentioned them: 1) An expansion to Diablo 3 has finally been announced (thank goodness.) 2) The World of Warcraft TCG (formerly produced by Upper Deck, then by Cryptozoic) has been discontinued. and 3) Blizzard has debuted their own […]

[Awesome] THE FUTURE.

July 22nd, 2013

Disney is one of those organizations that can make thousands of people angry one day and then turn around the next day and amaze the world. This is one of those amazing days, I think.   Via BoingBoing

First be amazed: Then, be amazed some more: Super Mario Clone World (Forum Post) The point where technology meets tenacity is always an incredible place to be. This is the kind of stuff I love seeing.

First, I would like you to watch something: Next, I would like to call your attention to the fact that this is an actual, playable game. Click here for┬áMari0 That is all. You’re welcome.

If you know who Egoraptor is, chances are you know him from Newgrounds and his “awesome” series of cartoons parodying games like Metal Gear Solid. Some people love him for said cartoons, others think he’s a genius. Regardless of your perception of the AWESOME cartoons, Egoraptor is apparently a very intelligent person, as demonstrated in […]

[Minecraft] Tetris(?)

September 27th, 2011

I’m studying for some IT certifications. Which is fine and dandy, except that it costs me about $150 to retake one if I f**k up. Have some awesome: A million internets to the man (or woman) who accomplishes this with a redstone computer.

(Which is a kind of Xylophone, I guess.) This is outstanding.

Well… If you haven’t heard yet, Blizzard has made some “decisions” about their upcoming blockbuster game, Diablo III. Which is obviously going to leave the industry forever changed and players irrevocably anointed with the power of the rainbow. People have been griping about this game since the day it was announced. Griping isn’t quite a […]

This has been featured elsewhere, but seriously… Final Fantasy stop-motion movies with action figures fighting to the death? How could you not love this? Oh… And also, there are other movies by this guy. Enjoy!

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