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¬†StarCraft II, the Heart of the Swarm Expansion set was announced some time ago, but now finally has a concrete release date of March 12, 2013. Which is all fine and dandy because I am looking forward to this game very much and I will definitely play it… But will I buy the Collector’s edition […]

So… Diablo 3. I’ve been putting this off for a while, mostly to wait until the early post-release chaos died down and to see what was actually going to be resolved with patch 1.03 and I feel now that I have played the game enough to really put together a well-rounded review and not just […]

Well… If you haven’t heard yet, Blizzard has made some “decisions” about their upcoming blockbuster game, Diablo III. Which is obviously going to leave the industry forever changed and players irrevocably anointed with the power of the rainbow. People have been griping about this game since the day it was announced. Griping isn’t quite a […]

It has been a crazy past couple of weeks so I am a little behind on the latest and greatest. As far as informational updates go, I have been at the doctors office and hospital lately way more times than I care to, for both myself and for my wife who should be giving birth […]

I’m still here.

December 15th, 2009

I know I missed my post yesterday. I’m currently in the middle of a bunch of awful junk right at the moment and I don’t really have anything to write. My day job turned into a complete disaster and I am currently trying to get my old one back. More on that later. I did […]

A friend of mine told me told me via Twitter about this newfangled game called Borderlands that he’d been playing. He described it as “exactly what I expected from a game billed as first person Diablo. Loot, quests, and co-op play.” And, having grown up with this person and knowing that we grew up with […]

With all the excitement of Blizzcon having come and gone, I decided to take a trip through the old time machine. By using the new fancy system to bind your game keys for Starcraft, Diablo II, and Warcraft III to your account and from there download and install them without the need for those […]

Blizzcon 2009 Wrap-up

August 25th, 2009

This past weekend has been amazing. Blizzcon ’09 was an awesome overload from start to finish. The amount of energy in Anaheim was indescribable, so many great things were happening and awesome people were everywhere. I hope you all enjoyed the pictures and twittering we did on-location. If you missed any of it go back […]

New Diablo III Class: Monk!

August 21st, 2009

And it looks sexy Pictures unrelated.

It’s been a pretty slow week (unless you’re a celebrity, holy crap. Stop dying. Seriously.) so I thought I’d poke around at a new platform I promised some review action on, the iPhone. Besides the thing being a bastion of free entertainment, most of the quality games you have to pay for (and usually for […]

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