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I have a confession to make: When I was very young, two of the earliest video game sequels I was ever exposed to were Super Mario Bros. 2 and Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. Due to this, for a long while I thought that it was common practice, or even a rule, that game […]

Final Fantasy Dimensions challenged the way I thought about mobile device purchases, and it did so before I even made the purchase. Even to the point where I might consider it a moral dilemma.  Let me explain: Final Fantasy Dimensions launched initially for iOS; the prologue chapter (about 1-2 hours of gameplay) was free, but […]

This has been featured elsewhere, but seriously… Final Fantasy stop-motion movies with action figures fighting to the death? How could you not love this? Oh… And also, there are other movies by this guy. Enjoy!

 For those who don’t know, Arhkam Horror is an expansive, brilliant Cthulian horror board game where you play the role of a team of investigators trying to prevent some kind of cosmic horror (evil gods and the like) from destroying reality. Final Fantasy 6, is a console roleplaying game with a very rich storyline and […]

And now for an ON-TIME POST! I got some time over the weekend to finally sit down for a couple of hours with the new Final Fantasy game for the NDS. Previously I had said something to the effect of this apparently being a game likened to those of the golden era early Final Fantasy […]

Further incoming evidence that Duke Nukem Forever may actually happen, Gearbox Software has officially announced that in 2011, everyone will have access to a demo of the upcoming game.  I am still having a difficult time believing this is all really going to happen…or maybe it’s just the most elaborate meta-prank in the history of […]

[Retro Review] Crystalis

June 28th, 2010

When I was but a wee lad, sometime in the early 90’s there was a new store that opened up in my hometown called Phar-Mor. It was not unlike your average Walgreens or CVS; a pharmacy with some essential grocery type goods. But Phar-Mor was something special. They had Nintendo rentals for 39 cents a […]

Round two of Tube Tuesday comes to you this week after a last Monday post (does that technically make this the Monday post?) Anyway…I like this segment, but I want to spread out the posts a little bit more so I’m not sure where everything is going to land just yet. Also I am trying […]

I hope you’re all enjoying your E3 coverage, which can be found, well, everywhere. I’m not there, so I am going to talk about something different for now! (Yes, I am posting a lot! I will be out of state for five days starting friday so I’m getting lots of stuff out of the way […]

In something of an experiment, this week I’m going to do a little rundown of a whole bunch of smaller things that I found out about this week for you all, let me know if it works. Despite certain misgivings between my own personal feelings and Square Enix, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years goes […]

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