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[Review] Dungeon Raid (iOS)

February 15th, 2011

Did somebody say match-3 puzzle game with experience points and magic spells? No? Nobody? Then I guess Dungeon Raid wouldn’t interest you. Dungeon Raid is a relatively new game for the iOS platform (that would be the iPhone, iPad and their ilk) that is exactly that, a match-three puzzler with a twist. Pull a line […]

It’s been a while since I’ve touched on (hah) any iPhone games, but recently I came across this one that really spoke to me. It’s a little game-company simulator called Game Dev Story. Basically your goal is to hire a small staff to research and create new video games for your chosen platform(s) using the […]

[iPhone] Free App A Day

April 26th, 2010

Some love for the iPhone folks today, as I have been taking much pleasure in what this site has to offer. Free App A Day is something of a promotional site for iPhone applications and games where one new offering is made free each day. Sometimes these games are brand new to the app store, […]

It may become a reality, just in time for the new expansion. Just a quick post today while I work on a million other things: From The existing Armory application allows players to check out characters, statistics and achievements from their iPhone. The coming expansion will build on that by giving gamers access to […]

Omg flu WTF

October 8th, 2009

So I’m currently sick as hell right now with the flu. Fever and delerium ahoy. I wanted to make good on my promise for at least one more post this week so here it is. It’s for all you iPhone users. I’m only 90% certain that this isn’t my imagination, but today I found out […]

iPhone Review: Mega Man II

August 16th, 2009

Capcom’s legandary classic Mega Man II has recently been ported to the iPhone/iPod Touch. (A free demo of which can be previewed before you purchase.) In short, it was great to see Mega Man II ported, classic old games are a great property for this platform. Unfortunately for MegaMan II though, I was disappointed. To […]

It’s been a pretty slow week (unless you’re a celebrity, holy crap. Stop dying. Seriously.) so I thought I’d poke around at a new platform I promised some review action on, the iPhone. Besides the thing being a bastion of free entertainment, most of the quality games you have to pay for (and usually for […]

After months of being harassed by friends and colleagues alike for desiring more than my terrible MotoQ smartphone, which was the first hardware version, which crashed constantly, and ran almost none of the awesome stuff I expected it to, I was hardpressed to find a device that satisfied my desires, but didn’t make me one […]

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