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Is the Wii U really a failure?

January 23rd, 2014

So apparently this happened: Nintendo declared that the Wii U has “flopped”.   This, really disappointed me. Especially from them. The problem is not with the Wii U as a platform. The problem Nintendo is having right now is the same top reason why I haven’t had any interest in getting a PS4 or Xboxone […]

Mind you, I haven’t actually gotten my hands on any of this yet, but I wanted to talk about what Nintendo announced today; their highly anticipated new console. …And they’re calling it the WiiU (Weeoo?) Anyway, it’s quite interesting. It looks like they’re blending technologies between the Wii and the Nintendo DS, as the controller […]

Happy New Year! Today I’m going to write a little about five 2009 releases that I got to play for a very short amount of time, not really enough for a full review but enough to give some (quick) first impressions about. Also it will help me feel like I made up for lost time. […]

Special treat for all of you with young ones are home or perhaps just still young at heart. Nintendo Papercraft is a great site where all kinds of people have contributed their designs for geometric recreations of Mario and Luigi using nothing but paper. Some of these are rather simple, and others are very elaborate, […]

First of all, Happy Memorial Day, I hope everyone has been enjoying their day off (if you got one) But uh, did you know about this? What the hell? I completely missed this announcement, and if you remember one of my very first reviews you know that Final Fantasy IV is one of my favorite […]

If you are an oldschool subscriber of Nintendo Power Magazine, you probably remember these two. Howard and Nester (and later, just Nester) were somewhat of a mascot for the magazine for quite some time in its earlier days. Howard, who was based on an “actual employee of Nintendo and president of the Nintendo Fan Club […]

Mega Man 9 is awesome.

September 29th, 2008

Out of nowhere, Megaman 9 lands as a multi-platform downloadable in the style of the retro 8-bit eyecandy we all remember and love. I finally got to play this gem over the weekend, fortunately it was right before I would have otherwise decided to go out and shoot children or run over people with my […]

This may be something that most people know about already, but as I sat in class last week listening to our professor who is over 100 miles away drone on at us through a low resolution television screen, a lot of people were curious as to how exactly I was playing Super Mario Bros. on […]

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