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Molten Core

UPDATE 12/3/08: Version 0.6B has been released, minor bugfixes and tweaks, see the Readme for full details!

Gamer’s University Games Proudly (finally) Presents…

An April Fools joke you thought was dead…

Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft

Requirements: Windows
Two Players (you could rebind the keys and control both players if you really want to, I guess)
2mb of free disk space
At least one Joystick (highly) recommended
(If your computer doesn’t run this, let me know. The reqs should be outlandishly low.)

Download the game for FREE here: The Molten Core (Ver 0.6b)

This game might have bugs, if you find one please contact:

For those of you who have no idea what the heck this is all about, go here:


Project postmortem, and FAQ coming soon, everything you need to know for now should be in the readme.

Have fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: I can’t skin the bear / The Bears always kill me / etc….Why?

A: Short answer: It’s a trap.
Long answer: It’s deliberate, based on the original source video from Blizzard’s April fools joke. Their purpose is to trick you once, and be avoided essentially. You cannot kill them.

2. Q: I keep dying when I try to fight ______ boss, my health just keeps draining! What’s happening?

A: You are fighting the bosses out of order! Minus 10 DKP!
For help with this, find a guide online about the actual Molten Core raid dungeon, a map with boss names and an order should steer you straight.

3. Q: What happened to the Experience and Timbermaw Rep bars?

A: Well, I debated with myself for a long time about whether or not they should be used. In hindsight, it may
have been an easier way of indicating how capable you were of “fighting the next boss” which is now expressed in the final game as the fixed boss order (fight out of order and you cannot win) but it really boiled down to me asking myself “would an Atari be capable of tracking that?” there is no such thing as an Atari game with game-saving capabilities to my knowledge, and while someone may be able to do such a thing today, it didn’t seem very authentic to me. And, at the risk of being un-authentic to the original Blizzard video, I left it out.

4. Q: Why would you do something like this?

A: For the fun of it, honestly. I am a big WoW fanatic and this is something of a loveletter to Blizzard for their
fantastic games over the years. Also, I wanted to see if I could raise any money through donations for my upcoming wedding (on 11/30/08). But mostly, I wanted to learn and become more proficient with Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer, (and of course, become an internet superstar. ) 😛

5. Q: I have a great idea for a game!! Will you make it??

A: Well, I can’t guaruntee anything. But if you email me at we can chat about what you have in mind. I have a lot of great ideas already and not enough time as it is though! 🙂

6. Q: Do you actually play World of Warcraft?

A: Yep, you can find yours truly on the Arathor server (used to be on Argent Dawn, but I moved recently)
My alliance paladin’s name is, of course, Endymian. This is not my only character, but it is my only character named Endymian, so if you’re talking to an Endymian on another server…not the real Slim Shady.
Edit 2/4/2010: I’ve moved my Paladin, Endymian, to Ravencrest. Not on Arathor anymore. Come harass me there!

7. Q: This was posted at _________ forums by someone called “Jemak”, who is that?

A: It’s me. Old name that I haven’t been able to or gotten around to updating. I go by Endymian now at 95% of places I go. Same person.

Keep em’ coming. Send questions, comments, or whatever to Thanks!

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